What if you could get instant access to all the documents you need to run your dance school business... Save time trying to get it all together yourself, And have peace of mind knowing that you got it all in place ?

“Would you INSTANTLY have relief and be ready for business ? Lets face it opening a dance school is not rocket science but the paperwork IS essential and is not always fun”

Dear Dancer,

So far, you've probably got premises or seen a hall you would like to hire to run your dance business, you've got students ready to join or know that you have to do some marketing to bring new students in. You know the best form of offline marketing for a local business is leaflets, word of mouth and public performances and you are doing online marketing or know to seek a social media expert to learn the strategies. But... Where do you go to get all your documents in place to make it a legit business specialising in just running dance classes ?

We get it

That was the same question we asked ourselves YEARS ago. Back then..

We were overwhelmed with all the conflicting advice and information about what documents we actually needed and what tips could help us with our business

We were confused about what these documents were even for and what legal documents we actually needed

We were very frustrated with not being able to get all the documents and information for dance school business from just one place

It seemed like everyone was succeeding and not willing to share what documents they had in place.... Well, we have been running our dance business since 1999 and over the years have created these documents as part of our dance schools start up packs for our branch teachers to run their dance class businesses more efficiently and easily. These documents and information are crucial for dance business success and now we want to help many more dancers fulfill their dreams more easily so the love of dance can be shared amongst more students faster.

So if you just want what is like a dance school “business in a box” to get your dance school up and running here's what we can give to you :

47 word document templates that can all be downloaded to your computer...Easily customisable so you just add your logo to them to make all of them your own.... And some really helpful information about dance school business to print for your manual to set the foundations for your teacher assistants and staff. All of this is also a necessity if you are looking to franchise or licence your dance school for business development.

So what are these documents ?

  • Application forms
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Dance School Code of Conduct
  • Dance Teacher Contract

....and SO MUCH MORE !!

  • Data Protection Act
  • Injury Report Form
  • Dance Class Register
  • Payment Letters

If you are really serious about treating your dance school as a business and interested in saving yourself mega time to get your school underway a lot quicker..

Then this is your lucky day (and it doesn't matter where you are in the world as all these documents are universal) ..

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Wishing you and your dance school business great success.. lets keep spreading the love of dance for generations to come

Dawn & Suzanne
DanceTeacherTraining (DTT)